Tortoiseshell frames


Welcome to our blog- this is the first of or blogs on our new website- really hope you find it useful.



When we first opened our practice, nothing surprised me more than the number of people who came in asking for tortoiseshell frames! I found myself increasing the number of tortoiseshell frames we bought from suppliers and the one thing I noticed straight away… there are so many different shades of tortoise!

But actually, when we asked customers what KIND of tortoise they wanted… well the options just came in thick and fast! Tortoiseshell to one person isn’t the same to another! 

We find it really useful when people come in with a picture of what they like- usually a picture of a celebrity or influencer wearing some gorgeous specs from Instagram. We love seeing these pics as it really helps to understand what it is exactly that people want.

So who can wear tortoise? Well, to be honest, most people can!

The shade of tortoise can vary from almost mahogany, to caramel colours to honey blonde hints- they are all technically tortoise but it’s all about the right colouring that compliments your skin tone the best. 

A question we ask all our customers when we are styling them- “what do you want people to think when they see wearing your glasses?” 

If you wanted a classic, round, professional look, then these would be fab.

Great for looking professional, knowledgeable, smart and you know what you are talking about!



How about a relaxed, casual look, something that goes great with jeans on the weekend and chilling? This shade of tortoiseshell works well with those who have dark colouring hair and chestnut toned eyes. (Katie thinks my eyes pop in these frames- she styled me!)








These honey- blonde toned frames look lovely if you want a softer look but still having a heavier frame.

I have a pair of tortoiseshell frames that I wear specifically for a meeting when I want to look particularly…how do I say? ‘Don’t mess with me today!” (the equivalent to wearing a killer pair of heels!).

Really hope you’ve found this useful- if you would like us to help you find your perfect tortoiseshell frame to add to your optical wardrobe- click here and book a free style session with us!

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